About the Project

With the rapid rise of new generation technologies, there is a radical transformation process in the way of doing business and in the professions of the future. Qualified workforce equipped with 21st century digital skills and competencies in order to provide sustainable competitive advantage is increasing its importance day by day.

With TÜSİAD’s İ.G.G, is aimed to develop the digital competencies and skills of students and young professionals through a free online education platform, focusing on new generation technologies. In addition, it is aimed to help young people meet the professions of the new age and meet employment opportunities in these fields.

TÜSİAD & Digital Competence

TÜSİAD considers the implementation of effective policies for Turkey’s talent transformation as one of its priority issues in the digital age. In this context, it carries out studies and projects to contribute to the creation of a qualified workforce with digital skills and competencies needed by the business world.